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Obviously, nobody likes to Talk about pricing

BUT  - It's a necessary evil

Your in business, just like us, so we have to charge.

and we like to be reasonable .

If you like what you see , lets make a deal. if not ,

sorry to see you go, but were always here.

Simple list 

The Reason we set the prices as ASK , as in all businesses

We do have competitors; if you think the price is too high , we can compromise.

Our not-incomprehensive List: If You need more, just Contact us

1.   Wordpress website including Legal pages (+5), including graphics (maximum 5), header banner and favicon £ASK

2. Extra pages  £ASK

3. Seo : £ASK

4. Apps: £ASK

5. Reputation Repair: £ASK

6. Graphics :£ASK

7. Business E-Book: £ASK

8. Messenger Bot : £ASK

9. Videos : £ASK

10. Voiceovers :£ASK

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