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Think Talk is Cheap?

You Must Know Speech is the Most Powerful Tool in Your Business Arsenal.

But You Must Know - Hiring Voice Over Artistes doesn't come Cheap,Now we have the solution to your problem.

Real Sounding Actors Voices , without the problem of sounding robotic.

We know you can hire Voiceover Artists , we know you can buy Voice synthetic Voices ,but don't they just sound Robotic?

We have the solution , Real Sounding Voices from real Actors, but at a fraction of the cost .

Check out our Actors Voices and the prices - You'll be amazed at the difference -

Backed by our 30 day Money Back Guarantee  -If you not Happy - You get a full Refund

No Questions asked .

Voiceovers Start From £ 37 - See Price List Below

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UK/USA Voiceovers -Listen Below

Daryll UK Voice
Dan USA Voice
Alicia UK Voice
Claire USA Voice

These Voices are Real - Your Choice- Pick One - Or All

MrgtGroup Voiceovers

Fully dedicated
Voiceover Artistes are your best solution.

Look, we all know that Speech is the Best form of Communication,Not the only one , but one of the best.

Have you seen great looking Instructional Videos, showing you what to do but only have the Images playing with Background Music.

Annoying  to say the least .

But what if you coud have an Actual Person telling people what they want to know ?

Check out our Newest Voiceover Artists - Pricing  Below


UK/USA Male Female
£ 37 Up to 75 Words
  • Up to 2 Days Delivery
  • 2 Revisions


UK/USA Male Female
£ 47 76 to 125 Words
  • Up to 3 Days Delivery
  • 3 Revisions

Voice Overs

UK/USA Male Female
£ 57 125 to 175 Words
  • Up to 5 Days Delivery
  • 5 Revisions


UK / USA Male Female
£ 67 175 to 500 Words
  • Up to 7 Days Delivery
  • 8 Revisions