Organizing Your E-mail

Despite the fact that there is no disagreement email has enhanced the way we do business, it has definitely brought complications with its sheer quantity and potential for interruptions. Below are a few tips in managing email:

? Allow yourself 15-20 minutes at the beginning of each day to scan your Inbox. Make decisions swiftly on as many as feasible. Your options consist of: Delete, Forward, Save, File, Schedule an appointment or create a task for future attention.

? Attempt to limit the amount of times you check your email each day to four to six times. For some, this is easier said than done. If you check your email 15 times in an average 8-hour day, you are interrupting your focus every 32 minutes.

? Turn off any sort of instant messaging service or email announcement. The messages that appear in the lower corner of your computer screen are like toddlers pulling at your pant leg. They keep on begging for your attention until you stop what you are doing and turn to them. Interruptions lower productivity levels and email is no exception.

? Set up suitable folders in your email management program. Making swift decisions on email will be easier once you have the proper folders set up. Since mail stored here a lot of times counts against your storage quota, look at these files as a place to store emails associated with existing projects only.

? Lay down regulations to presort your email. You can make a decision to sort emails automatically into file folders instead of allowing them to land in your Inbox. Then when you are prepared to center on a particular job, that file folder already contains any relevant emails

By following the simple steps above, you will find your day becomes much more productive.

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