Organize to Remember

Part of getting organized is remembering to do things. Many of us have problems with memory. It is no wonder with all the things we must do and remember as we go about our daily lives. Below are a few tricks that will help you remember people, appointments and tasks that need done each day.
Accept the fact that we cannot rely too much on our memories. Carry a small note pad and a pen with you all the time. The instant you set an appointment or are asked to attend a meeting, jot it down in the pad.
Every time you tell somebody to do something or when somebody like your boss asks you to do something write it down in your book along with the date and the time.
If you have an electronic pocket organizer be sure to use it. Every time someone gives you his or her telephone number, directly enter it into your pocket organizer, along with the person’s name.
Utilize the backside of business cards to help your memory. Jot down a few points about the person and probably the reason for meeting him or her and the place as well. This will certainly lessen the load on your memory. But take never to do it in front of the person.
Prepare a to-do list everyday. I cannot over emphasize the importance of to-do lists in getting yourself organized. It is probably the most sensible thing that a busy person should do.
Have a fixed timetable. It may seem kind of mechanical but it would be wonderful if you could have a fixed time for everything and try to stick religiously to the time table. Believe me it really helps because in that way you will have time for everything and everything can be done in the time for it.

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