MrgtGroup FAQS


Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Period for Finished Site?

We try to build all sites as quickly as possible. The sooner we receive the relevant information from you, the sooner we can get started on building your dream site. For a Simple Website the build is 7 working days. More Complicated Sites ie - "Shopping",can take up to 4 weeks.

Who creates the website copy?

MrgtGroup: Basic Website We do not include any copy written by our Team. We’ll be in contact with you, to request up to 800 words for the main body of your website. All copy provided will be proofread by us, before it goes to your website ,you can then approve or not. Starter Website, Professional Website and Website & Shop: MrgtGroup will write the copy from the answers you have given to us concerning how you would like the site to contain. Always ther for a review beforemaking your site live

What about Images?

You may provide high quality images like your logo, photographs or illustrations of your products etc, and we will incorporate these into your website. Or we can supply relevant stock Images that can also be used all inclusive in your build price.

Will My Site be No1 in the Search Engines?

No site is Guaranteed aNumber 1 spot ,whether that's on Goolge, Bing or any other search engine . We do have a seperate service you can use,with an additional costing package See Here :

Can I Update my Site ?

You don't need to worry about this , you can request any changes through the Website Maintenance form ,or just email us ,and we'll do it for you.

How do I contact the MrgtGroup Team ?

Our Small but expert team will be in contact with you, to give you contact details and let you know exactly where you will need to go. You can contact us through the Support Desk or Just use the email which we will send to you when you sign up.

No Answers?

If the answer to your question is not here, please use our Support Desk: