Frequently asked Questions.

If you have a question ,and it’s not answered here,please drop us an e-mail or send a request to our Support Desk

What are your Payment Details

After we accept your request for an App[s],we will give you a final quote .

We ask for NO Upfront Monies  and NO Deposit

the risk is all on us – if you do not want the App(s) before we publish , just cancel  and that’s that  -Simple

If we publish the apps ,then you must pay for them , as they will be a fulfilled order,and we can do no more .

Please Note : We will require your main e-mail address to fulfill the order. You do not need a Paypal account,you can pay with credit card as and when the invoice is sent to you.

How long does an App take to Create  ?

We can’t put an exact time on the build , as this depends on the complexity of your instructions .

Usually 1-3 weeks

Extra time will be needed , as Apple has quite a long winded process, which at it’s minimum ,can be 10 days to process the App, after it’s built .

If your in a hurry , please take this into consideration .

How Many pages can I have ?.

This can be anything up to 8 ,but the more you have ,the longer the loading time on mobile devices,the less chance you have of retaining customer loyalty,as the longer they wait , the more chance they have of leaving your site without a purchase .

We recommend 5 as a maximum ,the choice is yours . If you need we will supply at no extra cost

What App name can I use ?

If you have a domain name ,this can be used for your app.You must obviously own the domain name .
If you do not ,we can purchase one for you.Free depending upon your contract

What do you include in your pricing ?

Depending on the type of project you require, we will supply you with everything you need to get an App up and running.

Including 24-7 Maintenance,and upgrades as long as your contract is current ,If you decide to leave us , we will transfer your App to you,as long as the appropriate monies have been finalized .

We will  create an App [IOS],[Android] [WebApp], .

We will update your App, when and as necessary to the running of the app.

All you have to do is advertise your App .

What’s a Push Notification ?

Simply put, when you have an app, you can send the owner of that app ,a message.
Depending on your chosen package , this will be 4 or 6 times a year , you can have more , but this will cost extra, please remember,too many notifications can lead to your customers uninstalling your apps.

For Instance if you had a new special offer , you would tell us the offer [ at least 3 days  before the event ], we would then push this notice to your customers. Voila – Instant message .

Can you add GPS to my app?.

No problem , just let us know your address, we’ll add GPS Finder to your app, no more lost customers .

What about a cart ?.

We can add a cart to your App, but you must already have this set up , with whatever company you wish to process your payments from,please remember , apple and google have strick policies when it comes to taking payments from customers from an app.
If your unsure ,it may be better sending them to a payment page on your main or mobile website.

Can you Create Coupons  – Special Offers ?

We can add these to your App, but it may be better to use them for Push Notifications, such as Special Offers, thereby ,increasing your customers retention rate .