App Development Contract Terms

mrgtapps part of the mrgtgroup

Please find below our Apps Development Contract Terms  -These are not exhaustive,and can be changed without prior notice .


1.Upon Your/Your Companies request to build a Mobile App , No Up Front Monies nor Deposit will be requested by us [MrgtGroup],until the project is completed.We prefer payment through Paypal, but you don’t need an account ,we will invoice you, just pay  with Credit/Debit card.

2. We will supply you[depending on which contract you choose] ,Google Android App,Apple IOS App, Web App,Responsive Website,Web App,Standalone Mobile Websites,WebBot ,depending on your choice

Including  All Graphics,Images,Icons,Logos,menus ,Free Domain Name of your choice,free for as long as you remain our client

All the Apps/Website must be of the same configuration,ie the same group/name.

3. You will be sent a draft of your app[s] for your approval,once you have agreed to them,we will publish them via our Google [Android] and Apple[IOS] Developer platforms.If you have ordered a Mobile/Responsive  Website,we will host this on our own servers,Webbots can be delivered for you ,or set up as per your instructions .

4. After your approval of Apps/Websites,and once they are published ,we will require full payment within 5 working days ,this includes your 1 yr Maintenance .No refunds for the apps/websites or maintenance will be forthcoming after we publish .NO exit fees will be paid after 1 yr . If you leave before the full year , we must ask for an exit fee equal to your 1yr maintenance fee.

5. The initial term of Contract is 1 year ,the apps/website payments are a one off,the maintenance/hosting is renewable every year for 1 year.

6. You will have push notifications up to a maximum of 6 times per month[again depending on your contract ],we require at least 2 days notice for each push notification .

7. App/Website changes may be requested up to 6 times per year ie Menus,pricing ,holiday closures etc .Also note that apple usually takes the longest to upgrade your app after any changes ,and these can take up to 10 days ,so you have to be prepared in advance .

8. The time frame for building these apps/websites/Bots, shall not exceed 1months and are usually completed within 3 weeks from the time of order,if there is to be any delay ,we shall inform you in a timely manner. If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order no monies shall be paid .


Please Note: If you terminate your contract with us , the said Apps/Websites will be taken down and will no longer function,you will have to purchase your domain name from us , at the going rate at the time ,we will give you all files pertaining to your apps/websites,until you place them back onto Google and Apple Stores and Hosting Accounts with whoever you choose to do business with at the time .

If you choose to stay with us ,we only ask you to pay the yearly fee for maintenance .