Organizing Your Papers

It has been projected we make use of twenty percent of our possessions eighty percent of the time. If we apply this to paper are we in actuality only using twenty percent of the paper fit to bust from our filing cabinets? Hard to see, but pretty probably correct. Below are a few tips to put into practice in your mission to better manage the paper found in your office:

Set up a system for receiving, reviewing and storing your daily mail. This may be a simple inbox sitting in close proximity to or on your desk. The main thing is to have an exact place designated to hold incoming items. An outbox will add even greater organization.

When it comes to filing, remember the mantra “You file to retrieve. You do not file to store.” Files exist to assist us, not to discourage us. Make sure you are filing stuff in a way that will permit you to recover them swiftly and only accumulate the papers that are beyond doubt needed.

Take a good look at your current files. Do you know the contents of each and every one of your files? Are others able to retrieve things in your absence? Are they easy to get to with space for future growth? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, odds are you could do with spending some time sorting and eradication.

Do not be tempted by the copy machine. If you are saving a document by electronic means, you most likely do not have to salt away a hard duplicate too.

Organized offices and homes compel productivity upward, increase competence and assist you to juggle the demands of both. As you develop systems to keep you organized, you will be able to transform your life, not just your space.

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